The Best Chocolate Smoothie in the WHOLE WORLD

Hi friends!

I am participating in the “Light the World” event with the LDS church. The whole point of this big event is to celebrate Christmas by serving others like the Savior did in 25 different ways. Get more details here. Here is a direct link to the advent calendar they created to make it easy!!

Today, the theme is “Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You” and one of the suggestions is to share a cheap, healthy recipe. So, I am sharing my favorite smoothie recipe of ALL TIME. Don’t be worried because it’s a smoothie, it’s a super delicious smoothie sent from the heavens. I dream about this smoothie people!!!!! Originally, I found this recipe on Pinterest but I’ve made several changes to make it quicker, easier, and more convenient because I have it for breakfast every morning and I’m ALWAYS running late. It takes me about 5 minutes to make this smoothie (including putting everything back and rinsing out my blender & measuring spoons). It takes me 2 minutes to drink while I cut up my apple and grab my string cheese and put them in a ziplock bag.

Without further ado, I give to you The Best Chocolate Smoothie in the Whole World:

+ 1 cup of milk (150 calories)
.5 gallon of milk is $1.50 and makes 8 servings which makes this 19 cents/smoothie.
– I use Almond Milk which is only 30 calories for about the same price.

+ 1 frozen banana (100 calories)
At my Walmart, bananas are 52 c/lb. so a bunch of 6 is around $1.50 which makes this 25 cents/smoothie.
– I buy a bunch or two of bananas every week and just freeze them. They stay good for like 6 million years in the freezer and I just plop one in my smoothie every day.

+ 2 tbsp cocoa (30 calories)
The cocoa I get is $2.25 can make 22 servings of this smoothie which makes it 11 cents/smoothie.

+ 2 tsp vanilla (0 calories)
Vanilla is $2.00 for 24 servings which makes it 8 cents/smoothie.
– Instead of Pure Vanilla Extract, I buy Imitation Vanilla which is 1/5th of the price and doesn’t taste any different!

At this point I turn on the blender and I add the honey as the blender is going so it doesn’t stick to the blades. (Been there, done that)

+ 2 tbsp honey (128 calories)
Honey is the most expensive thing by far, ringing in at $7.88 for a 32 oz. jar of it (Great Value is always the cheapest) but it will make 20 smoothies which makes it 40 cents/smoothie.

ENJOY!!!! And you’re welcome!!!;)

This smoothie adds up to be 408 calories with regular milk (or 288 calories with Almond Milk). It’s the perfect amount of calories for breakfast, especially once you add an apple, orange, or a piece of toast. (Your breakfast should be the largest caloric meal in your day to get your metabolism going or something like that.:-) ) the total cost for this meal ends up being a tiny bit over $1! $1.03 to be exact! What a steal!! You can’t even get a little sugary smoothie at McDonald’s for that price! *Side note, for all you banana haters, give it a try because I don’t really feel like you can even taste the banana, but I suppose you can be the judge of that.:-)

I hope you all decide to help me “Light the World” through our service this month!!

xoxoxoxo, Mel


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