English 2010: Part 5

Hello friends!

Alas, we have come to the end of the English blog posts! Today’s post is supposed to be all about my English 2010 class. Holy smokes, I LOVE this class!! Any DSU students who have to take English 2010, TAKE THIS CLASS. My professor is wonderful and it’s such a fun environment. There are some super cool people too. One of the reasons I love this class so much is because there is NO busy work. Everything we do has a purpose! Another reason I love this class is that it seems like we go over everything about English during the semester. It started with a review of basic things which was really helpful for me! It’s easy to forget little things and we reviewed it all! It was nice to get a refresher before things got a little more complicated. We wrote papers to practice new things and we got to write a 5/10 page paper on a topic of our choosing, which makes it much more enjoyable!

Anywho, the moral of the story is that this is a wonderful class and I have loved being in it this semester! And since I don’t have a picture about this subject today, here’s a random picture of me in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

Inline image 2

ps: Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you had a wonderful week & you got to celebrate with those you love.



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