English 2010: Part 4

Hello again friends!

This week’s blog post is about a fiction source we are using in our 10-page papers. We each gave a short presentation on our sources during class this week! The topic of my paper is how social media has impacted our communication. Last week I mentioned that I interviewed my roommate and in our interview she discussed how she thinks social media should be a place for happy and uplifting things, but it’s too often used in the wrong way through cyberbullying. This was a point that I hadn’t even considered before. The fiction source I decided to use because of this is the movie Cyberbully. This (SUPER sad) movie is about a girl who is anonymously bullied online through a social media website and it leads her to attempt suicide. IMG_4060.JPGI am using this as my fiction source because it is labeled as a fiction movie, although the situation is very realistic; it could very possibly happen and unfortunately, it probably has happened too many times. Really, the only fictional things about this movie are the fact that the characters aren’t real people and that this movie isn’t based off of an exact series of events.

Sorry for the downer topic, but that’s all for this week, folks! I hope your weekend is spectacular!



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