English 2010: Part 1

Hi friends!

This semester I am in English 2010 and as part of our grade we were assigned to write blog posts (woot!), so for the next several weeks I will be writing about my thoughts on each subject we’re given. This week, it’s Reader-ception!


The topic we were given to write on is about profiling readers. Let me just start by saying that I think the potential relationship that exists between a writer, especially of a blog, and a reader is such a cool thing to think about. Personally, I have met quite a few people through the internet, and blogs specifically, who I would definitely consider my friends. It’s so fun to find people who you can connect with who live across the world!!!

NOW to get to the official school stuff. The chapter in our textbook that I read about this discusses the elements of a basic reader profile as the 5 W’s (and 1 H): (these questions are all direct quotes from my textbook Writing Today, 3rd edition, which is written by Richard Johnson-Sheehan and Charles Paine, pages 22-25, just fyi)

  • WHO are my readers?
  • WHAT do they need and want?
  • WHEN will they read this?
  • WHERE will they read this?
  • WHY are they reading it?
  • HOW will they read it?

These are all helpful questions to know the answers to if your blog applies to a certain type of person like a doctor or an architect. It helps you know how to format your posts by making them a certain length or giving them headings or putting the most important stuff up front. I think it’s a pretty interesting thing to think about!

Let me know what you think about this reader-ception post and to help a girl out (ME) feel free to comment!!!

Have a SPECTACULAR week!




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