MY town + little things

Going to a college in a town I come to vacation quite often is VERY confusing for me. I keep expecting to go home, like I’m almost done or it’s almost over or something, even though I still have 4 more years. HA!

But slowly this little town is becoming my second home.

Every day I love this little place more and more. Sure, it may be 17 gagillion million billion degrees with 110% humidity in August and it doesn’t really snow ever, and it doesn’t have a Zupas (or Savers!!!!!!)…

But that’s okay!!!!! Because when you go up to Dixie rock at sunset and you see the rainbow of a sunset that forms over the entire eastern horizon and the golden sky in the west and you watch as it gets darker and all the city lights turn on with that big “D” on the mountain and the bright white temple lights up in the middle of the city, or when you take a look around and see the new red rocks AND the familiar purple mountains majesty, or when a kind stranger strikes up a conversation with you in the elevator, or when a kind stranger strikes up a conversation with you in a class you have with no one you know, or when you sit on the balcony early in the morning and watch the sun gradually rise until bright rays poke out on the empty city streets or you watch the (previously mentioned) rainbow sunset and listen to the laughter and talking going on around you on all the other balconies, or when you sit with your roommies and just talk and talk for hours about stories and pets and life, it seems pretty alright, and it feels more like home.

SO if you are sad and you miss home but sometimes you feel confused because you don’t know where home is or where it should be, you should watch sunsets AND get up early enough to watch sunrises and you should talk to the stranger in the elevator and you should talk to that person next to you in class that you’ve never heard speak and you should listen to music that makes you happy and take millions of pictures and videos and don’t forget that even though your week might be a long string of days that are just off for no reason, LIFE IS GOOD.


Have a simply SPECTACULAR weekend!!!

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