Life Tidbits


I just wanted to do a lil update on random events that have taken place in my college life so far:

Number 1- I have been here for approximately 3 weeks and I have watched 3 seasons of The Office.

Number 2- I cut my thumb when I was slicing up veggies (don’t eat veggies kids, they betray you) and I dabbed my finger on a paper towel 3 times before I put on a bandaid and the blood spots made a smiley face.

Number 3- I bought a lint roller and dry shampoo which means I am a real adult.

Number 4- sometimes my roommates and I stay up until 3:00 in the morning watching “The Fault in our Stars” eating popcorn with M&M’s because we are real adults (I had class at 9 am the next day, it was a good idea).

Number 5- other times we are smarter and we stay up until 2:30 am watching Anastasia and Father of the Bride on a Friday.

Number 6- speaking of Anastasia it is now my goal to go to NYC (ahhhhhhhh!!!!) in 2017 to see Anastasia ON BROADWAY!!!! (it’s about time, am I right??!??)

Number 7- since I now live in the desert I have learned to say “WOW! It sure is cooling off today!!” on a day when its only 90 degrees and sunny with the slight whisperings of a breeze.

Number 8- there is an Old Navy not 5 minutes from my dorm. This is bad people. Real bad. Also all my roommates like Old Navy too. *waves goodbye to all my money ever as a single tear drips down my cheek*

Number 9- I AM SO EXCITED FOR FALL. Pumpkins, hayrides, Halloween, soup, pretty leaves, cooler weather, school breaks, AHHH!! :):):)

Number 10- I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON :):):):):):) (in case you are unaware, that DOES include Thanksgiving; I am not a Thanksgiving hater just because I listen to Christmas music on November 1st. I got to the episodes in The Office that Will Ferrell is in and it’s makin me in the Christmas mood!!!!! Also my mother has never seen Elf which is disgraceful, however, I digress.)

Number 11- the plants I got 2 WEEKS AGO are STILL ALIVE!!!!!! Not to brag or anything, but I think I’m pretty cool for keeping 2 succulents around for 2 weeks.:’)


Thanks for stopping by and I hope this Monday is treating you well and that you have a WONDERFUL week!



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