My Room

Hi all! Today’s post is going to be a mix of my room and how I “diy”ed a bunch of things myself! Brace yourselves. 😉

The first thing is just a big overview of my room. I have been working on perfecting my room for a year and I think it’s finally coming together how I want. Just in time for me to leave for college (next year). Ha, oh well. 🙂

IMG_2184 IMG_2134 IMG_2128 IMG_2176 IMG_2135 IMG_2136

For the diy part, we’ll start with what’s on the walls. For the cork board on top all I did was print out a bunch of my favorite things on Pinterest and put them up on the board how I wanted. It was way easy, just kinda time consuming to find all the pictures and quotes I wanted to use.

For the photo heart above my bed- I ordered my favorite pictures. When I got them I laid them on the ground and arranged them into a heart shape. Then, starting at the bottom I put 2 pieces of masking tape on them and stuck them to the wall. So far it has stayed perfectly for a year!

For the Cinderella quote on the closet- I downloaded some fonts then typed it on Microsoft Word. After I printed it off I glued it to a piece of blue construction paper. Then I mod-podged a border around the paper and sprinkled glitter on. I love how it turned out!

IMG_2166 IMG_2186 IMG_2122

What’s on my desk:

For the frame on the left- I bought a wooden frame from Michael’s for $5. I picked 8 of my favorite photos from the year I made it and on Microsoft Word I made the pictures the size I wanted. Then I printed them out and mod-podged them onto the frame. It took me about an hour, and it’s a really fun addition to my room. (There are about 20398672930 pictures on my walls and throughout my room, just btw.)

For the mason jar flowers- I found a mason jar and I painted the outside the blue that is throughout my room. Then I hot glued a bow onto the mason jar. To finish, I bought some fake flowers from Dollar Tree (peonies) and put them into the jar. I prefer real flowers, but spending $5 per week on flowers adds up. Haha, this is the compromise I came up with to keep pretty flowers in my room.

For the succulent- I found a cute succulent at Walmart for around $3 and a little pot for $2. I also bought some paint (68 c.) I painted the pot (and it took like 5 coats). Then I wrapped a piece of tape around the middle of the pot. I painted mod podge on the top half, then sprinkled some glitter. I think it’s such a darling addition to my room and I only have to water it every couple of weeks. 🙂

For the lamp- I found a small lampshade that looked good on my lamp. I didn’t like the color, so I found some cute fabric at Walmart. I laid the fabric out and traced the lamp as I rolled it around. Then I hot glued it on.

For the chair- I found this adorable chair at Deseret Industries (a secondhand store) and the price was $6! So I snatched that sucker up and took it home. It used to be a grayish purplely color, so I bought some spray paint to paint it. I love it!

IMG_2143 IMG_2142 IMG_2137

I keep these bins on my dresser. They hold everything I need to get ready in the mornings. In the first box I put all my lotions, body spray, deodorant, and sanitizer. In the second box I have my makeup bag & makeup wipes, Q tips, mirrors, a bag of hair things (elastics, bobby pins, brush, etc.), and a bag of miscellaneous things I might need at night when I’m too lazy to walk upstairs (bandaids, floss, tissues, flashlight, etc.)


The last diy thing I did in my room is make the pink and orange pillows. For these I found some cute fabric at Walmart that worked for the colors in my room. I bought some stuffing as well. To make them I folded the fabric in half with the good sides touching. then I used the sewing machine to sew around all 4 edges. On the last side (smallest side) I left a hole as big as my hand. This is where I put the stuffing in. I filled them up as much as I could then I sewed up the last bit. You can also just hot glue it.

I hope you enjoyed all these diy room ideas along with a little tour of my room!



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