Spring Break 2015

Hello all! Happy spring! (It IS officially springtime even though as I type this it is snowing outside. That’s Utah weather for ya.) 😉

During spring break I had the opportunity to go to California with my school choir and it was a blast! We got to go to Disneyland, Newport Beach, & Hollywood. To say it was fun is a complete understatement. (ps- if you haven’t seen my VERY in depth post about some tips for your Disneyland vacay, you can find that here.)

On Monday we performed at a senior citizen center then headed to the beach! Newport Beach was amazing- it was so warm and sunny (and busy!) and we all had such a great time with each other. There were tons of cute shops and delicious smelling food and I didn’t even get a sunburn! We went to a dinner theater after then we made a surprise/spur of the moment trip to Downtown Disney and I almost cried and even as I’m typing this I’m tearing up.
Tuesday was the day I had been waiting for for months. DISNEYLAND. We started in California Adventure for a workshop and we visited all the rides we wanted to. Around lunch we went to Disneyland and again my tear ducts were full to the brim. We spent most of the rest of the day there and we even visited Innoventions for its last day. I ate churros and ice cream and pretzels and dole whip. We were in the park that day from 8 am to midnight. It was so fun.
On Wednesday we spent the morning at Los Alamitos High School watching and performing for their choirs and I loved it. They are the National Choir champions and they are incredible and so so so nice and friendly. Afterwards we went back to the hotel for some downtime then we went to Hollywood! We didn’t get much time there because of traffic, but when we got there we ate at the Hard Rock cafe then wandered around the stores for about an hour. My friends even met a celebrity! Right after that we went to the Broadway production of Newsies at the Pantages Theater! It was incredible and I got a t shirt.
Thursday was our last day and we checked out of the hotel in the morning around 10 am then we headed to Disneyland. We stayed until midnight again. That day we got tickets for World of Color and we got to watch Fantasmic and we saw the Soundsational parade. PURE MAGIC PEOPLE. We were on the Alice in Wonderland ride and we were at the same level as Aladdin during the first parade and he blew us a kiss. *heart eyes*

It was seriously such a fun experience with some great friends. I’m definitely sad it’s over and I’ve gone through my pictures (all 800) about 120398 million times. If you want to stay caught up on my life including my little trip to Cali, follow me on Instagram @melanie.stark. I have tons of pictures and I thought I’d share some below! (only 30 or so…)

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*Just so you know, a post in the very near future will be related to the new Cinderella movie (which is completely adorable and amazing and everything good in the world) so stay tuned!

xoxoxoxoxoxxooxo melanie


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