Holiday Catch Up

Hello friends & I’m sorry for the long absence! I’m still alive, but barely, cuz between ACT (attempted) prep, math, and chemistry plus extra choir practices/performances and making Christmas gifts, life feels a bit hectic at this moment. But that’s okay because we only have 3 more school days until Christmas break. WE HAVE ALMOST MADE IT. 🎄
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. I love turkey and ham and eggnog and hot chocolate and Christmas trees and Christmas lights and Christmas movies and gingerbread everything and hallmark and Christmas tunes and warm clothes and snow and holiday spirit. And of course all the memories made at this time of year. It’s simply magical.
THANKSGIVING: On the day before thanksgiving it’s a tradition in my family to go to a little diner called Taggarts after setting up for thanksgiving dinner that will take place at my house. It’s so fun being together as a family in the mountains with yummy food. I’m thankful for thanksgiving because it’s neat to see everyone reflect on their lives and look for things they are grateful for. On the week of thanksgiving I made a goal to write 10 things each day that I was grateful for and it made me realize that I have so many blessings in my life and I am so lucky. Thankful for memories, pictures, giggles, family, gospel, prayer, love,

CHRISTMAS: GUYS ITS CHRISTMASTIME. I AM SO EXCITED. I love constantly listening to Christmas songs and seeing festive pictures. I think everyone’s a little happier during the holidays. Everyone seems a bit kinder. I love the spirit of Christmas. (if you want to learn more about the reason for the season, be sure to visit So far this year we have been able to attend the festival of trees- so fun! My aunt and I have decided that we are going to make a gingerbread house next year to display at the festival. One of my favorite Christmas activities is walking around festive & decorated shopping centers- station park, city creek, gateway, and TEMPLE SQUARE OF COURSE. This year I am in the show choir at my school and we go to perform our Christmas program at different places which is so fun! Oh and I’ve decorated about 6 full size trees & a bunch of small ones. #successful During the season I still plan to make lots of (YUMMY) sugar/gluten free cookies & I’ll be sure to post them! I feel like once Christmas break starts, all the fun & festivities can officially begin!










Now let’s just hope for some snow!!


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