Ghosts, Witches, & Vampires, Oh My!

HAPPY (belated) HALLOWEEN! This Halloween was fabulous & now it’s time for the Christmas/ Thanksgiving festivities to begin! As I write this I am listening to Michael Bublé CHRISTMAS *insert heart eyes here* and life is good.
This Halloween our schedule was packed, leaving very little room to carve pumpkins. To solve this problem we carved our lovely punkins at approximately 10:03 pm on October 30th. For the win. You better believe we jammed out to the Haunted Mansion Disneyland ride soundtrack, cuz what else would we do, amirite? This is always a happy memory for me.

^^ I named him Pumpy & isn’t he just the adorablest little thing you ever did saw?
Now on to the actual holiday: For me, Halloween consists of trick-or-treating to family members with all my cousins, and later trick-or-treating with little cousins around the neighborhood, and of course, stuffing our faces with candy and tacos and doughnuts and Fiiz (of course).
This year when we visited my grandpa, we found his yard COVERED with a blanket of purty leaves, so photoshoot, obv.


^^ oh, and cannibalism. M&M- ception.







So, Happy Halloween & prepare for a Christmas overload because it’s the most wonderful time of the year.


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