Fall Fashion Faves

Today was a good day: I ate cake whilst watching Hallmark Christmas movies, I went to Rumbi & Ross, & my fam & I went to a VOCAL POINT CONCERT. Totally rad day. Since it was a lazy Saturday I also wore my fall go to- a sweater & scarf & a beanie, of course. (All from thrift stores or the clearance area of H&M). Sweaters are so comfy & warm which is perfect for fall, and scarves can dress your outfit up to make you look very well put together. I love fall because you can layer sweaters & scarves & tees of every kind. Something that I am obsessed with is earrings- I think earrings can finish a look perfectly. I especially love pearls for a classy, timeless look. Earrings, scarves, and other accessories in general adds a hint of formality & it can dress up an otherwise very causal look.
So basically it was a successful, splendid, comfy day. Here are some pics. 😋 Oh, and there are no classic “Stark Foot Selfies” this time, sorry to disappoint. (Yes, it’s a thing.) Anyway, have a fabulous rest of the weekend lovelies. xoxoxoxo









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