Random Thankful Thoughts

I’m getting into the fall mood (yay!) because it’s September which means it’s almost October which means it’s almost November which means it’s almost Thanksgiving! So this post is about things that I have become increasingly thankful for:

• great friends who are always there for me: some friends come and go, but I know that some will always be there for me.

• the temple and gospel: I’m so lucky that I am a part of this gospel and I know it’s true.

• adventures: I love having fun and making memories.

• disneyland: the happiest place on earth, what else needs to be said?

• holidays: candy, costumes, hot chocolate, sweaters, snuggles, hallmark christmas movies, turkey & ham, eggnog, shopping, chilly nights, blankets, fireplaces, christmas music, snow, gingerbread cookies, & pumpkin spice everything.

• & of course, family. ❤️

Check out my Instagram, @melanieellen_ to tune into my daily life and especially all the upcoming holiday fun!

xoxo, mel


One thought on “Random Thankful Thoughts

  1. oh, i absolutely love this! nothing beats a day with friends/family or a trip to the temple.
    i’m soooo excited that it’s fall too! bring on the changing leaves, turkey dinner, and time with loved ones! woot!! 🙂

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