When I was 10 me & my aunt made up this little rhyme to the tune of a beach boys song:
“Let’s go shopping now, everybody’s learnin how, come & spend your money with meeee!” (She taught me how to thrift shop!)

First of all, I LOVE shopping. But isn’t that so true? When you’re shopping it just seems like your money disappears. And if you’re like me, you don’t have very much in the first place! You may ask, then how do I feed my shopping addiction without money? Two words, people. THRIFT. SHOPS. Seriously. I have a lot of clothes, and I would be willing to bet that about 97.5286% of them come from thrift shops, Walmart, or they’re hand-me-downs from older cousins.

So here are some random tips & tidbits to save some moolah on your wardrobe:
Or, if you can’t bring yourself to do that…
2. Shop in the Clearance section!! ALWAYS. EVERYWHERE. NO EXCUSES. It makes a world of difference. Seriously, I got a pair of $25 shoes for $5 in the clearance section at Gordmans. And perfume for $1.
3. Some suggestions for stores for cheap clothes, accessories, and decor are D. I., Savers, Ross, Gordmans (for some things), & Walmart.
4. A plus for thrift stores is that there is something for everyone- all sizes, brands, & styles.
5. When shopping at thrift stores, look for good quality clothing that is in good shape & isn’t worn out.

If you’re like me you also justify buying more stuff at thrift stores because you can spend less money on more stuff- don’t fall into that trap!! Don’t get stuff you don’t need just because it costs less. Only buying things you need that happen to cost less can save dozens of dollars.

6. If you wouldn’t buy it for the price it would be in the store it’s originally from, you probably don’t really need/want it.
7. Look for picture frames in thrift stores before the real stores.
8. Remember: stuff from thrift stores can be just as cute as stuff from other stores at a fraction of the cost!
9. BONUS! Some thrift stores have certain days, (ex. Labor Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday) where they have great discounts for everything. At Savers in Layton they have a half off sale on those days. Folks, that means $2 shirts & $3 pants. YOU CANNOT GET BETTER THAN THAT.

Hope these tips help & happy thrifting!

xoxo, mels

btw- my whole outfit is from Walmart & Ross & Savers. actually, that’s what happens everyday, not just today.

ps- if you ever need a shopping buddy, I AM AVAILABLE. ALWAYS.



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